Live más moments


Fancy winning a year’s supply of Taco Bell? A trip for two to Spain? Show us how you Live Más.

Now if you are wondering what is Live Más?

-First, it’s our tagline.
-Secondly we see it as a way of living your life.
-Sometimes you just gotta go there.
-Kick up some dirt. Make some waves.
-Blaze some trails. Burn up the night.
-Be the first one to head out. The last one to turn in.
-Tried what you’ve never tried before.
-Make a play. And let it ride.
-Because if you never do, you’ll never know.
-Sometimes you gotta Live Más.

Upload a picture that demonstrates how you Live Más, Describe what that experience means to you, Tag @TacoBellUK #livemásmoments and Share away for your chance to win!

There are five (5) weekly prizes and one (1) overall winner.

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